Nazareth Hall Wedding

May 13, 2022

I've wanted to shoot a Nazareth Hall wedding for years! This was a bucket list wedding venue, and boy it did not disappoint! Lindsay and Eli’s day was fit for a king and queen, and Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio was the perfect setting. Her parents joked that since they always called her a princess, she had to get married in a castle.

The Nazareth Hall Bridal Suite

When I walked into the bridal suite, my mouth quite literally dropped open. Black elegant couches, big windows letting in tons of natural light, a separate room with stations for each bridesmaid to get ready at, and loads of space. It is definitely a photographer’s dream getting ready space! The guys even had their own separate stylish cottage only a couple hundred feet from the venue to get ready in! I could easily move back and forth, so I loved this aspect.

They couldn’t WAIT to get married

But what was even more beautiful than the venue was what I witnessed between Lindsay and Eli. I swear, I’ve never seen two people more excited to get married. They shared an emotional first touch and first prayer, and it was probably the most intimate moment of the day. I’m not sure who cried more—Lindsay, Eli, his brother, or me! Their ceremony was equally as beautiful, their hand-written vows were sincere and pure. Be sure to check out Eli’s reaction to seeing Lindsay…wow.

I have to give major props to the whole bridal party for braving the cold and snow to take pictures outside after the ceremony, because YIKES it was COLD but entirely worth it. If you look close you can probably see some snow flakes in the photos. But I left them in because I think they just add to the memory of the day.

Lindsay made sure to add some personal touches to the reception space. The centerpieces that included handwritten cards from her students about what they think love is. So cute! The girls kicked off the dance floor with some line dancing they learned at Lindsay’s bachelorette party in Nashville, and then Lindsay and Eli lit up the dance floor for the rest of the night! I can’t wait to see their marriage grow! I know they will be setting an example for their friends and family for years to come. A big thank you to Nazareth Hall for their hospitality!

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Florals: Lee Winters

Venue: Nazareth Hall

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