Hi there, I'm Laura! And to be honest, I never thought I would become a wedding photographer.

And I don’t think anyone else expected it either. I was supposed to be the “smart” girl who would go off to get her PhD in something scientific and make the world proud. And I almost did that. I stopped at a Masters, tried to make a career in chemistry, and quickly realized it wasn’t for me once I lost the safety net of being in school.

I always had a passion for helping and serving others, and I found out just how rewarding that could be as an adult when I worked as a barista. This coffee shop wasn’t a chain, this shop genuinely cared about whoever came in and went above and beyond for every single customer. And the results were all the proof I needed. Not only did I never have a single bad customer, I felt empowered every day because I could make a difference with something as simple as a cup of coffee.

I knew photography was what i was meant to do

I thought, how can I take this to the next level? Photography was always a hobby for me after I was yearbook editor in high school, but I never believed I could make anything of myself as an artist. After chemistry didn’t work out, I realized that this was what I was meant to do. I was meant to give people a space where they are comfortable to be who they are with something I was passionate about. And I wanted to do it on the most important day of their lives when they need it most. I want to give you permission to be yourself, to have fun, and to enjoy your wedding day stress free and focused on the person you’re marrying. If you want someone to just show up and take some nice pictures, I’m probably not the photographer for you. But if you want someone to guide you, be your friend, AND give you incredible images, I’m your girl.

My favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers. You will not catch me anywhere else on a Sunday in the fall other than watching a Green Bay Packers game (unless it's their bye week).


My personality: Virgo, INFJ, Type 2, Hufflepuff


My favorite drinks: bourbon old fashioned, cabernet, sauvignon blanc


My favorite food: gluten free thin crust pepperoni pizza with extra sauce. All of these things are absolutely vital.


My favorite TV shows: How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Office



-Madi & Josh

"Laura was seriously the best, she made us feel so comfortable the entire time from our first call to engagement photos to follow ups until our wedding date. Honestly could not have had a better experience. Would give 6 stars if I were able!!"

"Laura made us feel so comfortable the entire time. would give 6 stars if i were able!!"