Wedding planning tips for introverts

December 6, 2022

If you’re planning a wedding and you’re more of an introvert, a whole wedding day can seem SUPER overwhelming. I get it, I’m an introvert myself and I often notice my palms getting sweaty at the thought of 100 people staring at me all day. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! Here are a whole bunch of wedding planning tips for introverts:

First looks and vows

  1. Read your vows in private after a first look. I really encourage a first look if you’re nervous about your wedding day. Seeing your person almost immediately calms nerves and gets that big moment out of the way with no one else around to see it. Then, you can read your vows to each other there to keep that moment private too. No one can judge you if they’re not there!
  2. If you don’t want a first look, consider a first touch or first prayer. If you dreamt of seeing your future spouse for the first time at the end of the aisle, that’s absolutely your choice. But, I would still encourage you to have contact before the actual ceremony. This can be done with a first touch, or, if you’re into it, a first prayer. Your photographer will position you so you cannot see each other, but still close enough to hold hands and talk to one another for a few minutes.

Wedding planning tips for introverts: Ceremony

  1. Keep your ceremony short and small. Limiting the number of people invited to the ceremony can drastically reduce anxiety. Not as many people are there to stare at you, and less chairs means less aisle space to make it through. This may make some people mad, but they can all come to the reception later. If you aren’t able to keep it small, then keep it short. I’m talking 10 minutes tops. Vows, rings, I do’s– then let’s party. You can also do both!
  2. Ask someone you know and trust to officiate. Having someone up there with you to do all the talking is huge! They’ll know how to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed up there. Becoming ordained is super easy, here is a link to become ordained in Ohio.
A private, short ceremony with only parents, maid of honor, and best man. The bride’s stepfather officiated the ceremony.

Wedding planning tips for introverts: Reception

  1. You don’t have to announce anything. At most wedding receptions, the DJ introduces the wedding party and the couple over the microphone. They also announce things like the cake cutting and first dances. Of course, this puts ALL of the attention on whoever is taking part. You can choose not to have any of that announced. You can simply walk into your reception and cut your cake on your own terms. For first dances, those can happen any time. The dance floor doesn’t have to be empty and it doesn’t have to be announced. You also don’t have to do any of it if you don’t want to.
  2. Consider a private last dance. This is something I’ve seen more and more at weddings. Instead of a first dance, or even in addition to, the couple will have a private last dance. The DJ will tell everyone the reception is over and the last song is for the newly married couple only. This is great because it guarantees you a moment truly alone.

Miscellaneous tips

  1. Practice everything! I really encourage you to practice things as much as possible! If you’re going to read your vows out loud at the ceremony, read them out loud to yourself several times. Practice your first dances. Practice walking down the aisle in the shoes you’ll be wearing. Anything that gives you anxiety about the day, practice it.
  2. Hire vendors you trust. Make sure you’re hiring people that you don’t have to worry about. You should be able to put your full trust in your vendors to do what they’re being paid to do. This way, you can focus on getting married.
  3. Ask your photographer to get lunch or coffee. Your photographer is going to be by your side the whole day. They’re going to be there when you get ready, during all the intimate moments, and when you’re a few drinks deep on the dance floor. This is why it’s super important to make sure you’re comfortable around them! A great way to get to a comfortable place is to just have coffee or lunch before the wedding.
  4. Assign a go-to person to handle any problems that arise. If you have a coordinator, then they would be this person. However, if you don’t, a great person to assign this duty to is a maid of honor, best man, or family member. You should not have to handle any problem that comes up on your wedding day, let someone else take care of those.

Some other guides that may help

I hope you found something in here that was helpful! Remember, this is YOUR day. People are going to have their opinions, especially if you’re going more non-traditional. But for your own sanity, don’t listen to them if what they’re suggesting isn’t what will make you most comfortable. If you liked this post, here are a few others that might also help with planning!

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