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October 5, 2022

Kylie had a major crush on Jake in high school, but he didn’t return the feelings at first. She didn’t give up though, and eventually Jake asked her to homecoming where they began dating! They went through the rest of high school and college together, and got married at The Brickyard.

The Proposal Trip That Didn’t Go As Planned

When Jake decided to propose, he planned a trip to Traverse City, Michigan. However, their trip did not start out well! When they were almost done with their 6 hour drive, Kylie realized she forgot all of the clothes she had hanging up at home! If that wasn’t bad enough, shortly after they realized they also forgot their toiletries bag. So, they had to make a trip to the mall as soon as they got into town. Jake didn’t forget the ring though, and he proposed to her on their first night there while they sat by the water. Kylie was so excited she grabbed the ring out of his hand and put it on herself!

Their Wedding at The Brickyard

They had a sweet, simple ceremony at The Brickyard on Main in Marion, Ohio where they wrote their own vows. Since the venue is in the heart of Marion, we got to take some more industrial looking photos in the nearby alleys and ivy wall. The string lights in the alley made for some great nighttime photos too! The reception gave me the best dance floor photos I’ve ever gotten (thanks to the Bluewater Kings Band!). Seriously, the energy was contagious. Another thing I really loved was that they had a popsicle cart as their dessert as they aren’t big cake people. DELICIOUS and great for a hot summer evening. But, that didn’t stop them from having an epic cake cutting (you’ll definitely want to see those photos below).

I can’t thank Kylie and Jake enough for trusting me with their wedding photos! Check out some of my favorite photos from their day below. Also I have to give a big shoutout to all the vendors who helped make this day incredible:

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The Brickyard on Main Photos: Ceremony spot
The Brickyard on Main Photos: Ceremony spot

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